Otto Larsen Dining Suite Refurbsihment

The brand new timber is always just under the surface. Our client had used this suite for thirty years and loved it so much they wanted it restored. This is an Otto Larsen dining suite, now very much coming back into vogue. Earthwood sanded the entire suite back exposing  beautiful new mahogany underneath. We needed […]

Classic 1940-1950s Occasional Furniture Refurbishment

This lovely half-round table is a 1940-50s classic piece of occasional furniture. Initially we thought the timber was Rimu but when we stripped it back we discovered it was Tawa. The construction of this piece is incredibly sturdy. The apron (the facing piece under the top edge) is 30mm thick solid timber. Tawa is a […]

Teak Produces Natural Oils

This elegant old china cabinet (circa 1920) made of solid teak was in a bit of disarray with broken glass and the woodwork in poor condition. Earthwood took it apart, completely stripped it, had the leadwork repaired and glass replaced, before restoring the cabinet back to its original condition. Solid teak in this type of […]

True Craftsmanship from 1950s

Lovely 1950s cabinet/bookshelf made by master craftsman One of the lovely aspects of working with antiques and old furniture is in becoming a sort of historian. At Earthwood, we are not historians per se, but over the years we’ve learned a great deal about period furniture and can identify period pieces quite easily. There’s something […]

Walnut-Veneered Sewing Machine Cabinet Refurbish

This lovely old sewing machine cabinet has been around for quite a while, but until we started stripping it, we hadn’t realised the timber was walnut.  Happily, it was in excellent condition apart from a couple of borer holes. Walnut sewing machine cabinets are relatively rare compared with Oak and other timbers. Because it was […]

Classic Rimu is always in Fashion

Classic 1930s solid Rimu sideboard upcycled and refurbished Occasionally we come across a piece of furniture we want to revive for no better reason than it is so classically beautiful, we can’t bear to let it moulder. This 1930s solid Rimu sideboard is one such piece, built in ageless Rimu with classic style.    Earthwood […]

Replacing the Missing Pieces

Designing, creating and replacing the legs and base for an Arts & Crafts era tabletop found at a dump. Some projects are so dilapidated that it takes a little ingenuity and design work to make them useful again. Our lovely lady client used to live in Timaru where her husband found this raw Arts & […]

Re-fixing Veneer

Writing bureau brought back from complete exhaustion This gorgeous old writing bureau which belonged to our client’s father had been left to moulder in too damp a situation for far too long and the veneer was peeling off it. Apart from peeling veneer, the drawers were jammed, handles were off, and the general condition of […]