Jorgen Hovelskov Harp Chair

This piece of furniture is aptly called a Harp Chair. The original designer was a Dane, Jorgen Hovelskov, who designed harp chairs in Denmark during the 1960s. We’re not sure if this was one of his designs but it seems likely. They’re certainly not available now unless you get extraordinarily lucky and find one from someone who’s down-sizing. The timber in this example is solid teak.

EARTHWOOD took the entire chair apart and removed blocks and a back supporting leg neither of which were part of the original design, to bring the chair back to the authentic design. We stripped and polished it and re-assembled it using the same genuine parachute cord it came with.

Although it was time consuming, weaving in and out with the entire approximately 70 metres of cord going through each hole to both de-string and then re-string took some hours and effort, but it was tremendously satisfying.

Mark had never seen a harp chair over 46 years as a restorer. This piece is a most elegant design, and despite looking as though it might be an awkward seat, it is actually surprisingly comfortable.

Our client can now enjoy an essentially brand new (apart from the cord) true-to-design chair which will deliver graceful comfort for many years.

Theresa Sjoquist