Standing Desk isn’t Teak After All

This magnificent piece of furniture is a standing desk (circa 1930). We’re not sure what this one was used for since it had been standing in the owner’s orchard-shed since he was a young child, but they were variously used by auctioneers, paymasters, and also by those who simply needed the relief from being seated all day. This one is extremely robust. Initially it looked like Teak but once EARTHWOOD sanded it down and removed years of accumulated wear and patina, we discovered instead a rather beautifully-coloured Honduras Mahogany complete with stunning grain, and Kauri as a construction contrast.

Once EARTHWOOD stripped this piece back, we finished it in a two-pack polyurethane which will withstand another 100 years of use.

Now holding pride of place in its owner’s house, this standing desk is a classic case of it never being too late to retrieve any piece of furniture, no matter what its condition.

Theresa Sjoquist