Burr Walnut Davenport Refurbish

Our client had this beautiful old Davenport handed down from his mother. Davenports are defined as ornamental writing desks with drawers and a sloping surface for writing.

This exquisite example is made from Burr Walnut and is approximately 108 years old. We were astonished by how well made it was.

Earthwood sanded it back. That had to be carefully done because even though the veneer was quite thick, it would have been easy to go one stroke too far.  We made one repair where veneer was bubbling off (yes, veneers can be repaired very effectively).

We then French polished the entire davenport to bring out that glorious chatoyancy giving depth to the wooden surface, and then finished it with a beeswax polish to keep it looking stunning. A well-loved piece such as this will always look great if the finish is properly cared for.

Theresa Sjoquist