1940s Solid Oak Cabinet

Some pieces of furniture are so classically beautiful as to almost speak. This eloquent circa 1940s solid oak cabinet is one such piece. Our client removed the lead-light door panels so EARTHWOOD could restore the inside and the outside of this lovely cabinet

We stripped the entire piece back to the classic bare oak grain and removed many stains, dents, and scratches. We then finished it in a clear satin polyurethane for a final elegantly polished surface. It’s come up very well, and our client is very pleased to have it restored to the handsome piece it still was beneath almost eighty years of wear.

You’d be astonished by the kinds of damage that can actually be fixed, from snapped timber legs, split timber table-tops, to deeply worn and damaged surfaces.. If you treasure it, ask us for a quote – start by sending pics of the entire piece and any significant damage.

Theresa Sjoquist