Broken in Transit – Rosewood Table

This oriental carved Rosewood dining table pedestal arrived in the country in unfortunate pieces. EARTHWOOD carefully cleaned it up,  then re-glued and re-fitted it, and filled where necessary. Once completed, we polished it back to its original condition, and finished with a semi-gloss two-pack polyurethane surface coating to match the original colour of the natural timber and protect it.

The damage is very difficult to discern now, and it’s as strong as before, and will serve well for its intended purpose for many years.

People are often surprised by what can be fixed, and we love the surprises of lovely timbers to work with. Rosewood is such beautiful timber. Its rich, gorgeous natural colour requires no staining. Just the pure naked wood you are looking at is what you get when you use Rosewood.

Theresa Sjoquist