Fixing Sticky-Surfaced Older Furniture

This bedroom suite is an example of the classic 1970s furniture era, and is made from solid, warm-coloured Sapele Mahogany (also known as Sapeli, or Sapelli). It was in dire need of attention with all the surfaces sticky and most unattractive. This type of surface coating damage is not uncommon with furniture of this era […]

Cane can be restored

These elegant cane chairs were quite badly worn on the arms with the original protective coating broken down through years of use allowing the raw cane beneath to stain in patches. Our client was keen to completely restore these beauties so EARTHWOOD painstakingly stripped and sanded each cane back to its original natural state. We […]

American Oak Roll-top Desk

This lovely American Oak roll-top desk was imported in a rather dishevelled state from the US. EARTHWOOD picked up all the pieces and put it back together again just like Humpty-Dumpty. We then touched this beautiful piece of furniture up all-over where it was necessary and brought it back to its original condition including getting […]

Walnut-Veneered Sewing Machine Cabinet Refurbish

This lovely old sewing machine cabinet has been around for quite a while, but until we started stripping it, we hadn’t realised the timber was walnut.  Happily, it was in excellent condition apart from a couple of borer holes. Walnut sewing machine cabinets are relatively rare compared with Oak and other timbers. Because it was […]

Replacing the Missing Pieces

Designing, creating and replacing the legs and base for an Arts & Crafts era tabletop found at a dump. Some projects are so dilapidated that it takes a little ingenuity and design work to make them useful again. Our lovely lady client used to live in Timaru where her husband found this raw Arts & […]