Walnut-Veneered Sewing Machine Cabinet Refurbish

This lovely old sewing machine cabinet has been around for quite a while, but until we started stripping it, we hadn’t realised the timber was walnut.  Happily, it was in excellent condition apart from a couple of borer holes. Walnut sewing machine cabinets are relatively rare compared with Oak and other timbers.

Because it was veneered the timber hadn’t split or warped over time but Walnut tends to fade quite quickly in the sun and lose it’s fabulous colour.

EARTHWOOD carried out a complete refurbishment of this lovely piece and it has gone back to our client’s daughter where it will live for many more years now with its beautiful walnut grain out and proud for everyone to see.

Kept in a shady spot in the house, the classic walnut colour coated in two-pack polyurethane protection has an even better life expectancy than when it first became a cabinet.

What’s hiding under your years of use items – perhaps something as beautiful as this?

Theresa Sjoquist