Replacing the Missing Pieces

Designing, creating and replacing the legs and base for an Arts & Crafts era tabletop found at a dump.
Some projects are so dilapidated that it takes a little ingenuity and design work to make them useful again. Our lovely lady client used to live in Timaru where her husband found this raw Arts & Crafts style hand-carved kauri table top at the tip. It had no legs or base, but he brought it home and for years it just sat.

After he passed, our client found the table-top again and along with some kauri timber she’d been given, brought it in for us to put legs under it and make it a useful piece of furniture. We worked together with her to determine the best style and shape, and then went to work to create a complete new base and fix it to the table-top. We finished it with two-pack polyurethane so it can be used as a table in her lounge for many years to come.

Our client loved the final result.

AFTER EARTHWOOD kauri table with newly designed legs and base in Arts and Crafts era style



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