Teak Produces Natural Oils

This elegant old china cabinet (circa 1920) made of solid teak was in a bit of disarray with broken glass and the woodwork in poor condition.BEFORE EARTHWOOD Teak China Cabinet

Earthwood took it apart, completely stripped it, had the leadwork repaired and glass replaced, before restoring the cabinet back to its original condition.

Solid teak in this type of furniture is relatively rare, but teak produces its own natural oils which have helped preserve this piece. It weathers very well which is one of the reasons teak is popular as a marine timber, but as you can see, this lovely cabinet is simply beautiful. Teak is very attractive as an interior furnishing material and will probably outlive you.BEFORE EARTHWOOD Teak China Cabinet2

Our client was delighted with the result and so were we. It’s always gratifying to work with stunning timbers like this, and to make new again, a piece of forlorn furniture that was being ignored out the back somewhere. Win-win, we say.

AFTER EARTHWOOD Teak china cabinet1Wishing you all a grand 2019. AFTER EARTHWOOD Teak china cabinet3

Theresa Sjoquist