Preserving memories of yesteryear’s Garden

The refurbishment of old garden furniture, part cast iron, part timber, and preserving the memories that go with it.

When one of our clients found these old solid cast iron chair ends in the garden, it took her down memory lane to when she was small.

Cast iron outdoor furniture refurbishment1
Cast Iron Table

We had them sandblasted for her and then repainted them. Once we’d put new timber where the old had been, this gorgeous outdoor furniture from yesteryear looked stunning. It will last for another 50 years without any problem, since we used tanalised timber to squash even the smallest chance of rot. We also applied a coat of Haarlem oil to take advantage of the beautiful grain, and keep it looking good for a long time.

There aren’t many gardens in which furniture like this wouldn’t look absolutely fabulous. Have a look around. See what you can find. Getting Earthwood to renew them is far cheaper than buying new, and it will have the lovely associated history with it, plus be a great thing for your children to inherit.

Cast iron outdoor furniture refurbishment
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