Otto Larsen Dining Suite Refurbsihment

The brand new timber is always just under the surface. Our client had used this suite for thirty years and loved it so much they wanted it restored. This is an Otto Larsen dining suite, now very much coming back into vogue.

Earthwood sanded the entire suite back exposing  beautiful new mahogany underneath. We needed to re-glue most of the chairs despite their extraordinarily strong design. After all, thirty years of pulling a chair out three times a day represents 32,000 times they have been sat upon. Truly remarkable!

As you can see the colour of the new freshly polished Mahogany hiding just below the worn surface is beautiful. No stain – just the beauty of natural timber.

Earthwood finished the surface in a two-pack polyurethane giving this suite a durable, usable, and easy-clean surface.

Theresa Sjoquist