Mahogany Makeover

Total makeover of 1980s carved mahogany dining table.

This mid 80s exquisitely carved mahogany dining table was made in Indonesia and was considered most fashionable in its day. Over time the table top had become so warped it was no longer usable. Our client hoped to retain the base and put a new top on it that reflected her style.

Earthwood re-finished the base in a very dark matt colour which allowed just a hint of timber to be seen in certain lights. We then constructed a new top to fit a deliberately antiqued mirror and fixed it into place. The client now has an ultra modern table with an antique style twist.

AFTER EARTHWOOD Mahogany table with new mirrorerd top

The accompanying chairs will get the same treatment (minus the mirror).

This is a great example of how flexible it’s possible to be. Most personal tastes can be incorporated into a restoration which is the ideal time to do it. There are myriad possibilities with almost any piece of furniture you care to  renovate. We love doing this kind of work. It really is our favourite. Be welcome to call us or email and talk your concepts through with us.

Heath Grant