Industrial Style Coffee Table

Up to the minute industrial style coffee table created from recycled rimu and modern hi-tech finishes

Industrial Coffe Table4

At Earthwood we love classic older furniture, but we really enjoy the more modern styles as well, especially when we can incorporate recycled items.

This large industrial style coffee table is a recent project we tackled. We’re very happy with the result. It’s made entirely from solid rimu. The top was originally an old door and the legs and rails are from rimu wall studs. We’ve incorporated the old nails which you can see in the legs and rails, but we might remove them yet.

The top is finished in a two-pack epoxy gloss resin encapsulating shattered glass fragments laid over the original old flaky paint. It’s as silky to touch as a factory finished piece of porcelain and completely wear-resistant. The base has been completed in a smart two pack satin.

We love it, but unfortunately don’t live in the ideal gutted warehouse style environment in which this large coffee table (approx 1940mm x 710mm) would work really well.

If you’re interested in it, it’s for sale. Talk to us.

Heath Grant