From Hospital to Health

The refurbishment of  an old hospital bedside cabinet

Our client rescued this circa 1940 cabinet from a neighbour who intended to give it away.

Originally an old hospital bedside cabinet, our client’s practised eye recognised a lovely piece under all the white/grey paintwork and brought it in for refurbishing. Earthwood applied masses of stripper, followed by the application of much elbow grease to properly sand and transform what turned out to be beautiful oak into a lovely piece of furniture.

In the day, much of the carved work you see on this piece was made from moulded plastic/resin, but this small cabinet’s carved work is all solid hand-carved wood.

Way ahead of most of its modern counterparts in the sturdiness and price stakes, the quality of this piece is unbeatable. If you’re a fan of furniture from yesteryear, it makes sense to go fishing on TradeMe or look out for those freebies and $10 dollar deals that neighbours are tossing out to get yourself a few items that have extreme value hidden in their bones.

We loved working on this piece and the client loved the transformation.


Theresa Sjoquist