Classic Rimu is always in Fashion

Classic 1930s solid Rimu sideboard upcycled and refurbished

Occasionally we come across a piece of furniture we want to revive for no better reason than it is so classically beautiful, we can’t bear to let it moulder. This classic 1930s solid Rimu sideboard is one such piece, built in ageless Rimu with classic style.

Solid Rimu never goes out of fashion and if you look around you’ll find it in all the very best furniture stores and extraordinarily expensive. Sometimes modern solid rimu cabinets are not all solid wood.

Earthwood has up-cycled this classic sideboard and completely refurbished it. In keeping with the times, the addition of modern handles, and a water resistant finish have both modernised it and given it the longevity to easily accept another fifty years of vases, stray coffee cups, and wine glasses without the fear of spillage causing damage. Not bullet proof, because beautiful timber isn’t, but hard-wearing, practical, and elegant


Theresa Sjoquist