Classic 1940-1950s Occasional Furniture Refurbishment

This lovely half-round table is a 1940-50s classic piece of occasional furniture.

Initially we thought the timber was Rimu but when we stripped it back we discovered it was Tawa. The construction of this piece is incredibly sturdy. The apron (the facing piece under the top edge) is 30mm thick solid timber.

Tawa is a hard pale timber with a handsome grain.It was often used in the late 70s to replace Mahogany as it became more scarce. Once it had been stained up it was very difficult to tell the difference between it and Mahogany, which may have been one of the reasons for using it in place of the disappearing Mahogany.

Earthwood completely stripped this little beauty, stained it a Rimu colour and finished it in a tough two-pack satin polyurethane.This wee charmer will still be here in 300 hundred years, as long as someone is loving it.

Theresa Sjoquist