Cheaper and Better

Older dated Buffet/sideboard remodelled and refinished for less than half the price of a comparable new piece.

Our client was moving to a much more modern home and didn’t want to purchase a new cabinet, so she brought her old one in to Earthwood to see what could be done.

We straightened the edges and painted it in a beautiful modern white for her. AFTER EARTHWOOD it’s a completely new piece of furniture which will give years of good life and is much cheaper than it would have been to buy something similar new.

Note all the curves which date the piece in the original condition.

Now, AFTER EARTHWOOD, in pristine modern white with all the curves removed to give it a much more fashionable feel this buffet is a smart contemporary piece.


It will serve for many more years and cost only fifty percent of the value of purchasing a similar new one.

Theresa Sjoquist