A change of look

Changing the look on an old-fashioned meat safe to suit a new environment

This is a fairly unusual item these days, but a great electricity-saving device – the old-fashioned meat safe.  Because the air could get around the meat, you could keep it for several days without it going off, and the fine screen-mesh stopped flies and other insects getting at it. Everyone had one in the old days, often actually built into the kitchen wall and protruding outside.The image on the left shows the meat safe in its original condition.

The lady who owns this piece wanted to keep it for sentimental value but preferred a white-washed look to fit in better with her kitchen decor. We took it right back to the wood and literally washed it with a fine coat of thin white paint to produce the effect she was looking for.

Old-fashioned meat safe in original condition BEFORE EARTHWOOD
Wooden Meat Safe

The image on the right is the completed AFTER EARTHWOOD meat safe.

Theresa Sjoquist