Tips for loose furniture joints

Repairing wooden joints, and the styles of joint you might encounter. The first thing Earthwood does when we receive an item for restoration is to put it squarely on the ground, apply medium pressure, and attempt to ‘sway’ the item. If there is any sway, we know joints require attention and look to see which […]

The Good Oil

Protecting Exterior Wooden Furniture, Objects and Doors. Here’s how.   Earthwood recommends using oil to protect your outdoor furniture, wooden sculptures and exterior doors. Oil is far superior in outdoor settings, because it’s not a surface layer but soaks instead into timber. It accepts expansion and contraction in heat and cold, whereas a quick drying […]

To Wax or Not To Wax

When to use wax on your furniture, and how to wax properly. Waxing is used mostly for older finishes, especially a French Polished (shellac) finish. It can be successfully applied over lacquers, polyurethanes and varnishes but only in low-wear areas where it can produce a beautiful glow. We definitely don’t recommend waxing furniture which has […]

Repairing Wonky Drawers

Step by step on how to repair sticky or crooked drawers One of the most common problems we see at Earthwood is an older set of drawers made of beautiful timber but useless because the drawers won’t open or close properly. Older style quality cabinets made of wood are the best because of the longevity […]

French Polishing Finishes

The process of French Polishing, and when it’s a good option as a finish for your wooden furniture. French Polishing is a wooden surface finishing technique which has been in use for 150 years. It leaves a high gloss characterised by chatoyancy. Chatoyancy offers depth in the finished wooden surface, much like looking into the […]