Cleaning Up a Precious Wooden Surface

When to use wax, oil or other wooden surface protectants for precious wooden surfaces. One of the most common errors people make when restoring wooden objects is to fail to determine precisely what they want to achieve with the restoration. For each level of restoration, whether it is a full restoration, a thorough clean-up, or […]

Stripping Methods for Wooden Furniture and Antiques

Depending on the finish you want to achieve and the original coating of the item,  Refurbishment or Full Restoration? Refurbishment is the process of removing the original coating, whether lacquer, beeswax, oil, or shellac, and re-applying a new finishing coat to give your furniture luminosity. By comparison, a full restoration is to remove coatings and […]

Damaged Dining Table Top Repairs

A brief discussion on the options for damaged table tops. Typically dining table damage is caused by hot mugs and dishes, and appears as unsightly white rings and marks on the table. Dining tables often wind up with everything thrown onto them from keys, to groceries and mobile phones just because it’s the main surface […]

The Good Oil

Protecting Exterior Wooden Furniture, Objects and Doors. Here’s how. Earthwood recommends using oil to protect your outdoor furniture, wooden sculptures, and exterior doors. Oil is far superior in outdoor settings, because instead of sitting only on the surface, it soaks deep into timber. An oil-treated wooden object has the advantage of accepting expansion and contraction […]

To Wax or Not to Wax

When to use wax on your furniture, and how to wax properly? Waxing is mostly used for older finishes, especially a French Polished (shellac) finish. It can be successfully applied over lacquers, polyurethanes and varnishes but only in low-wear areas where it can produce a beautiful glow. We definitely don’t recommend waxing furniture which has been […]