About Us
Hi, I’m Mark Biggelaar, master craftsman at Earthwood Ltd. Click here for a short introduction video. I started out in Dad’s woodworking factory where my understanding and natural talent for how wood behaves became apparent. During my early years around timber I learned from many skilled craftsmen who enabled me to develop and extend my expertise around timber and furniture.

Eventually I took over the timber finishing section of Dad’s business and went out on my own, doing both his wood staining and finishing, and taking on new related work such as furniture restoration. After 47 years in the industry, no two days are the same and I’m still enthusiastic about the variety of finishes, and styles that can be achieved with different timbers. There’s something magic about putting the life back into furniture that has perhaps been with a family for generations. Forty-seven years’ experience in high quality timber finishes means I can produce any timber finish you like, from French polishing to modern lacquers and paints – guaranteed. We need only agree on how that timber finish should look before I start, I also supply samples either online or in person from my workshop. The best way to begin a discussion about your project is to contact me. From there I will ask you to tell tell me as much as you can about the sort of finish you think you’d like, and the size of the job. Photos of your item are usually all I need to quote accurately, but if I’m not sure, we might need to arrange to see the item. Take photos of damage up close but also of the whole item so I can gauge what’s involved in the job. I will typically respond to enquiries within 24 hours.  ma[email protected]